Our laboratory of Analytical Chemistry (LAC) is a multidisciplinary laboratory which emphasizes oilfield chemical science at the interface of chemistry and microbiology.  A major focus of the LAC is the discovery of chemical structure and process based on mechanistic rationale and the structural optimization with oilfield fluid compounds. A diverse group of chemists and molecular modeling experts interacts closely to create a research environment that maximizes chemical process discovery.  Close industry collaborations also are developed with non-LAC scientists. Research projects are initiated by Flex-Chem with our laboratory personnel playing a critical role in all stages of research.  Facilities and equipment include state-of-the art laboratories, ion chromatographs, ICP mass spectrometers, CD, UV and FT-IR spectrometers and multiple PCs.



The LAC has three principal investigators (PIs) who carry out independent work in the areas of Organic Chemistry, Bioorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Microbiology. Each individual PI functions as a section head and is responsible for the administration of his group and the hiring of visiting fellows to carry out his/her research. In addition, the LAC has a Ph.D. level Laboratory Manager and a Ph.D. level System Administrator.