Production Research and Development

Flex-Chem appropriates a considerable amount of revenue each year into research and development. The Flex-Chem Technology Center is located in Weatherford, OK, USA and is headquarters for most product research and development. The Technology Center has been imperative in fulfilling Flex-Chem’s vision of complete customer satisfaction. If a customer has a need, Flex-Chem will customize an effective and economical solution.

The Flex-Chem Technology Center supports research exploring flow assurance. The Flex-Chem Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry (LAC) specializes in custom synthesis, process development and testing services of oilfield biological/chemical products.

Research And Development3
Research And Development

Our dedicated Technical Team efficiently conduct chemical process research and development, optimizing difficult procedures and scaling up to meet developmental needs. Flex-Chem is dedicated to serving the oilfield and biotechnology industries as well as research and academic institutions.

Collaboration Research and Development


Flex-Chem supports highly collaborative research projects with the University of Oklahoma Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry across a wide range of areas.  Team members have many years of multidisciplinary experience in microbiology, biofilms, microbial induced corrosion (MIC), field inspections of corroding structures, water analysis, mass spectrometry, surface physics, analytical and physical chemistry.

Flex-Chem consults with Dr. Steven Foster, Mass Spectrometry Facility Director at the University of Oklahoma.