Safety is at our core, and we perform acidizing services with an outstanding safety record. Our fleet of high-pressure acidizing equipment includes double pump trailers that can deliver working pressures up to 14,000 PSI and injection rates up to 20 BPM.  We also have several smaller acidizing units capable of lower rate and pressure applications.


Flex-Chem’s specially formulated acid blends have wide applications for the remediation and performance enhancement of producing oil and natural gas wellbores.  We assess the formation fluid, rock geology, lithology, mineralogy and chemistry to determine damage mechanisms and extent, including well conditions, acid solubility and compatibility.


From this information, our Technical Team determines the most efficient damage removal —acid washing, matrix acidizing and fluids to achieve optimum remediation efficiency.  Our fluid options for acidizing include conventional organic/inorganic acids, proprietary acid surfactant packages/mutual solvents as well as a wide range of diversion materials.

Flex-Chem also specializes in on-site, bulk chemical logistics.