Full Analytical Support

The Flex-Chem Laboratory of Analytically Chemistry (LAC) is a full-service chemical testing laboratory specializing in product formulation, testing services, analysis and  product innovation.  Our analytic testing laboratory provides research, testing and results for chemical/biological product compatibility with oil field fluids.  Flex-Chem uses a proven set of chemical testing procedures to solve a wide range of technical issues including:

  • Product Development
  • Product Analysis
  • Product Compatibility
  • QC Identification
  • Full Oil/Water Analysis

Our full range of instrumentational capabilites allows us to accurately and meaningfully analyze a wide variety of technical fluid dynamics.


Our whole staff is committed to completing each customer’s project to their exact specifications including rush service if needed.  Our chemists can work in the field, on the phone or at our laboratories to develop complete chemical packages designed for optimum performance and price.

We work closely with oil company personnel to:

  • Define the production problem
  • Recommend specific testing methods
  • Provide high-quality chemical compatibility analysis and results
  • Recommend a cost-effective Treatment Plan
Full Analytic Support