CAP-FOAM DW Concentrated Capillary Foamer

CAP-FOAM DW is a concentrated foamer additive developed for use in high temperature capillary, batch-treatment and coiled tubing operations for the clean-out, de-watering and de-salting of wells.  CAP-FOAM DW produces excellent foam properties in a wide variety of waters (including high brine content and high calcium hardness waters) and is highly tolerant of condensate contamination.

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LFA-806 Foamer Foaming Agent for Freshwater, Brines and Acids

LFA-806 is an economical foaming agent that is effective in fresh water, brines, and any strength hydrochloric or sulfamic acid. LFA-806 is effective even in water contaminated with hydrocarbons. LFA-806 will produce a high volume, stable foam that is characterized by small uniform bubbles. LFA-806 finds utility in air-mist drilling, stable foam drilling, foam fracturing and in foam cleanout of watered-out oil and gas wells.

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