Paraffin Control

FC-2204 FlowzymeTM

FC-2204 FlowzymeTM is a liquid non-ionic surfactant/polymer formulation proven to significantly lower cloud point and inhibit paraffin deposition.  FC-2204 FlowzymeTM is used for it’s effectiveness in oil dispersion.

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P-SOLV-A Biodegradable Paraffin Solvent

P-SOLV-A is a biodegradable terpene solvent designed specifically for use as a paraffin solvent. P-SOLV-A is a terpene mixture that will penetrate and quickly dissolve existing paraffin in the formation, tubing and surface equipment without causing phase interference with existing subterranean formation fluids. Due to the positive environmental profile offered with P-SOLV-A, it can be used to replace toxic, hazardous and dangerous petroleum-derived chemicals.

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PDI-300 Paraffin Dispersant and Inhibitor

PDI-300 is normally continuously injected at the wellhead or down the annulus for removal and inhibition of paraffin deposits in a pipeline or down-hole tubular normally at 100 – 1,000 ppm of total produced hydrocarbons. For use with stimulation treatments 2 to 3 gallons per 1,000 gallons of treating fluid will prevent paraffin problems during the well cleanup phase and normally for some production period thereafter. Placing the PDI-300 in the pre-pad of fracturing treatments or leading volume of acid treatments is recommended. Routing treatment of the well with PDI-300 can then be done to continue the protection against paraffin deposit formation.

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PDI-300E Encapsulated Paraffin Inhibitor

PDI-300E is a solid encapsulated paraffin dispersant/inhibitor product designed to prevent and remove solid paraffin formation in subterranean formations when applied via frac or acidizing operations.  PDI-300E is a blend of aromatic, aliphatic and napthenic hydrocarbons combined from a unique distillation method and encapsulated inside a porous spheroidal silica aggregate.  These encapsulated chemical agents are effective in preventing and removing paraffin deposits in-situ by utilizing a unique penetrating compound which, coupled with dissolving, dispersing and crystal-modifying agents, results in an extremely effective paraffin treatment.

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PI-300 Paraffin Inhibitor

PI-300 is a paraffin inhibitor product which prevents the formation of solid paraffin in flowlines, downhole and surface treating equipment. PI-300 provides inhibition over a wide range of paraffinic crudes. PI-300 is formulated in a solvent which allows penetration of the inhibitor into the crude oil to react with the paraffin chain to prevent the paraffin from becoming solid.

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PI-400 Paraffin Inhibitor

PI-400 is effective on a wide range of crude oils. It prevents the formation of solid tank bottoms. It will help keep the crude in a liquid form during cold weather operations. PI-400 is most effective on dark paraffinic crudes.

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