Flex-Chem Water Recycling Process

Process Overview

Microbial remediation of flowback/recycled fracturing and brine waters that result from oil and natural gas recovery has been researched by Flex-Chem for many years. The patented Flex-Chem Water Recycling Process is performed on a large scale in pits and tanks that hold thousands of barrels of water. To initiate proper treatment strategy, each site is assessed and treated specifically for the chemistry of the water at that site.

Characteristics of flowback and produced waters vary significantly by formation and play, and even within plays from well to well. Waters initially have a variety of components that require different treatment strategies and technologies. Understanding the varying treatment requirements for reuse of flowback and produced waters can be challenging given the complexity of varying water chemistries and treatment goals.

In-house laboratory simulation of the pit treatment has been developed by Flex-Chem that allows for sampling and testing on a smaller scale for determination of biological product and nutrient optimization that can then be adapted to the larger pit or tank water storage facility. The Flex-Chem Water Recycling Process provides metabolic capacity and appropriate nutrients to remove entrapped oil, lower solids and handle degradable components (COD/BOD).

The Flex-Chem Water Recycling Process increases water quality by decreasing chemical and biological load as well as oxidizer demand all while making the water more stable for storage and reuse. Monitoring and chemical analyses of site water performed on location and in the laboratory by Flex-Chem’s trained staff assesses performance of the process and verifies effectiveness.


  • Drastically reduces SRB/APB.
  • Biosurfactant production reduces fracturing injection pressures.
  • H2S reduction.
  • Remediates iron sulfide.
  • Decreases amount of disposed water.
  • Separate and keep more oil.
  • Lower biocide cost.
  • Environmentally safe.
  • Does not interfere with HPG or CMHPG guar gel systems.
  • Does not interfere with borate or zirconate crosslinkers.
  • Does not interfere with AP or SP oxidizer breakers.
  • EPA reporting not required.
  • Cost-effective.

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REB-1811 Reverse Emulsion Breaker

REB-1811 is effective for a variety of liquid/solids or reverse emulsion water clarification processes.  REB-1811 is designed primarily for application in frac flowback water recycling facilities due to it’s compatability with frac fluids.  REB-1811 is designed to allow complete oil separation where flowback water containing oil carryover must be removed to meet effluent or reuse quality standards.  This product has some application in raw water clarification and as a sludge conditioner.

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BSP-1622/NUTRIFLEX Biological/Nutrient Matrix Package

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