Wetting Agents

LST-36 Surfactant

LST-36 is a multi-functional mixture of surfactants that reduces surface and interfacial tension and strongly water wets the surface of solids. LST-36 dramatically improves the penetrating ability of acid and promotes foamy returns in spent acid and aqueous frac fluids. LST-36 is a highly effective dispersant for hydrocarbons in fresh water, brines and acid. The superior surface tension lowering ability of LST-36 makes it ideal for treatments in water injection wells. LST-36 at 1% in HCl makes an excellent base for mud clean out acid.

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ME-404S Micro Emulsion

ME-404S is a biodegradable, thermodynamically stable microemulsion (clear mixture of solvent, co-solvent and surfactant) designed specifically for use as stimulation additive. ME-404S offers superior performance in reducing breakdown pressures, enhancing the penetration and cleanup of acid treatments and aiding in the flow back of water based frac fluids.

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BSP-1622 Microbial Product

Flex-Chem’s biological’s are heavy bio-surfactant producers that reduce surface and inter facial tension and strongly water wets the surface of solids.

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