H2S Control

HSC-250 Hydrogen Sulfide/CO2 COntrol

HSC-250 is a concentrated H2S/CO2 neutralization agent commonly used to reduce H2S and carbon dioxide. HSC-250 is injected in the flow stream of well test separator units to neutralize the H2S prior to discharge of fluids and gas, overboard or to the burner. HSC-250 can also be applied directly to H2S sweetening separators for H2S/CO2 removal.

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SC-240 H2S Deactivation Agent

SC-240 is a deactivation agent designed to control production of harmful hydrogen sulfide in oil and gas systems without the use of hazardous biocides. The formulation works synergistically to shut down the metabolism of sulfate reducing bacteria through natural inhibition, and helps remove existing hydrogen sulfide from the system.

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BSP-1622, BSC-1640 & BSS-4058 Microbial Products

Flex-Chem’s proprietary combination of natural, facultative anaerobic bacteria reduce H2S levels in well systems. This is accomplished via the introduction of natural selective competition to the existing sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) population.

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