Corrosion Control

FC-181 Corrosion Inhibitor

Unlike the older imadozole dimer trimers that gunk up on the metal, FC-181 is an alkyl pyridine quaternary ammonium compound used for downhole corrosion. It’s a film-forming type product that plates out at the interface of the produced fluids and metal. It’s a general-purpose corrosion inhibitor that prevents a variety of corrosion due to chlorides, pH, CO2 and basic hostile downhole environments. The recommended dosage is 100 to 300 ppm depending on the severity of the corrosion and can be introduced through batch treatments or constant injection.

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BSC-1640 Biological Corrosion Inhibitor

BSC-1640 is a liquid non-ionic biological formulation containing living facultative anaerobic species used to inhibit corrosion and scale formation through its metabolic by-products, including alcohols, ketones, organic acids and biosurfactants. The by-products of metabolism, ketones and organic acids, are polarizing agents that can inhibit the corrosion process. This is accomplished by neutralizing the cathodic portion of the metal, breaking the circuit of the corrosion cell.

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