Iron Sulfide Control

OX-204 Iron Sulfide Dissolver

OX-204 is a highly concentrated multipurpose formulation designed specifically for use in water disposal operations. OX-204 offers superior performance in removing iron sulfide deposits and reducing injection pressures. OX-204 remediation treatments will reduce high injection pressures caused by the blockage of iron sulfide deposits on the formation face and in the formation. The recommended use rate of OX-204 is independent of iron sulfide concentration, contact time or temperature.

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BSP-1622 Biological Water Clarifier

BSP-1622 is a wide-range biological water clarifier containing a proprietary combination of natural, facultative anaerobic  species selected for their heavy biosurfactant production. BSP-1622 increases water clarity with its ability to metabolically solubilize iron sulfide present in the well system.

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