Scale Control

PSI-102 Scale Inhibitor

PSI-102 inhibits the formation of calcium sulfate, barium sulfate and calcium carbonate scales. The unique chemistry of PSI-102 makes it tolerant to high concentrations of dissolved solids and calcium, and effective in concentrated brines. PSI-102 is used in the spearhead of acid and frac treatments. PSI-102 will prevent damaging and production-robbing scale deposits in producing wells by batch, continuous or squeeze treating. PSI-102 is temperature stable and is effective at low doses.

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Sulfamic Acid

Flex-Chem customizes sulfamic acid treatments with various additives and displacement volumes to dissolve calcium carbonate scale.

BSS-4058 Biological Scale Inhibitor

BSS-4058 is a liquid non-ionic biological formulation containing select living facultative anaerobic species used for scale inhibition and iron sulfide solubilization through its metabolic by-products. These byproducts include alcohols, ketones, organic acids and biosurfactants. BSS-4058 protects the formation face as well as downhole and surface equipment from scale deposition by sequestering and chelating major cations, such as calcium, magnesium and barium. BSS-4058 produces ketone and organic acid metabolism byproducts that are chelating agents that inhibit the scale crystallization process. This is accomplished by bonding with the cation which prevents it from bonding with the anion to form an insoluble scale.

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PSI-104 Bi-Sulfite Oxygen Scavenger/ Scale Inhibitor

PSI-104 is used to scavenge oxygen and inhibit calcium sulfate, barium sulfate and calcium carbonate scales in injection and produced water.

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PSI-300 Water-Soluble Scale Inhibitor

PSI-300 is a water-soluble liquid used to inhibit calcium sulfate, barium sulfate and calcium carbonate scales in oil and water production and injection wells and equipment.

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